ZOOM Zoom Focus S Rangefinder

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The all-rounder

The Focus S offers premium functions, as known from high-end devices. And all this at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Focus S

The ZOOM Focus S offers premium features at a real budget price. Extra clear vision combined with fast target acquisition, highest accuracy, 6x magnification, vibration feedback, and slope mode offer tour quality and easy operation. The Zoom Focus S is the price/performance star in its class.


Successful detection of the target object by means of vibration. With the precise measuring methods, the slope mode that can be switched on and off, and the simple diopter adjustment, the accuracy of the game is increased many times over.

Measurement of the straight and slope-adjusted distance with info on the best club choice. Switch between slope mode and no slope mode at the touch of a button.

Strong contrast combined with an exceptionally wide field of view of 7°.

See like you´ve never before!    
The Focus S lets you discover the golf course in a whole new way. Go ahead and get ready to hit balls like you’ve never been able to before!

Measuring distance up to 600m    
Crystal clear vision, fast target acquisition, and maximum accuracy – these are just some of the many advantages of the Focus S.  

Flagship functionality

The crystal-clear view combines with fast target acquisition, maximum accuracy, 6x magnification, vibration
feedback, and slope mode to provide all the essential information in the simplest way. When looking for the best
golf rangefinder on the market, you can’t ignore the ZOOM FOCUS S.