Titleist TSi2 Hybrid

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Golf hybrids have become an integral part of the club golfer’s bag, as their ease of use, versatility and incredible forgiveness makes them a powerful weapon when attacking the golf course. Long, high shots from less than perfect lies have never been easier to hit as the hybrid’s low-profile design does its job and sends the ball sailing through the air.  

Titleist have made some excellent hybrid golf clubs over the past few seasons and this looks set to continue with the release of the TSi hybrid family. Consisting of the TSi1, TSi2, and TSi3, each one offers something completely different to the others so whatever level of golfer you are, or whatever you want from a hybrid, the TSi collection has you covered. 

The Titleist TSi2 hybrid is probably best described as the “all-rounder” in the range and will suit the largest number of golfers with its high levels of versatility and classic profile. It is ideally suited for the golfer that has a sweeping delivery and is looking to replace one or more of their long irons.  

The head weight is adjustable on the TSi2 hybrid and this, combined with the adjustability offered by the SureFit hosel, affords the golfer the chance to perfectly dial their ball flight in. It is available in three different loft options (18, 21 & 24), and with loft adjustability gapping between clubs can be refined like never before.  

The Titlist TSi2 hybrid will prove to be a huge success in the upcoming season and if you are looking for a top-quality hybrid to replace your long irons then this should be right at the top of your list. Another superb addition to our fantastic collection of Titleist Golf Clubs.  


  • Superb Long Iron Replacement Hybrid 
  • High Levels of Adjustability 
  • Three Loft Options 
  • Four Superb Stock Shaft Offerings