Titleist SM9 St. Wedge

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The new Titleist Vokey SM9 Tour Chrome Wedge 

Shot versatility, distance control, and spin all contribute to great wedge play. SM9 wedges use Titleist's most technologically advanced materials and structure in all three areas, tailored for accurate contact, lower flight, and higher spin.

Tour Chrome is an iconic and highly durable finish with highly polished accents for the player that enjoys a seamless look from chrome-plated irons into their wedges.

Bob Vokey didn't always aspire to be the world's greatest wedge master. But he began polishing his skill with unrelenting determination from the minute he raised his hand and said, "I'll give it a go." His obsession has only grown over the years, guided by instinct and long hours behind the wheel. A wedge can be made by anyone, but it takes a master to turn a piece of high-performance technology into a creative control instrument. This is a never-ending grind for Bob Vokey.

  • Ultimate Shot Versatility - Your swing is one-of-a-kind, therefore you'll need a one-of-a-kind wedge. Finding the appropriate grind for your swing type will ensure perfect contact, allowing you to hit any sort of wedge shot in any situation. There's a grind for every shot, every lie, and every course.
  • Precise Distance & Trajectory Control - It's like getting the best of both worlds. The centre of gravity (CG) of the SM9 is raised even higher and further forward, facilitating a more controlled ball flight and solid touch. Hit it closer to the target more often.
  • Nothing Spins Like A Vokey - The redesigned grooves on the SM9 are cut all the way to the edge to maximise spin. Each Vokey wedge is thoroughly examined for quality and function, and the impact area is given a localised heat treatment to double the groove's durability.

Grind Options    

  • L Grind ( Precision for Skilled Shotmakers) - A narrow sole with a forward bounce surface along with a minimal camber. This would suit a golfer with a shallow swing. Great for firm course conditions.  
  • D Grind ( The Player's High Bounce Wedge) - A technologically advanced dual bounce sole with a wide trailing bounce surface. This would suit a golfer with a shallow to neutral swing type. Ideal for a firm to medium course conditions.  
  • S Grind (Narrow & Versatile) - A full sole design with a straight trailing edge. The good heel relief allows the golfer to open up the wedge during shot making resulting in a cleaner strike. This would suit any golfer with a shallow to the neutral swing path. Ideal for all course conditions.
  • M Grind (Multi-purpose grind for versatility)- A crescent-shaped sole with a forward bounce surface along with moderate camber. Specifically designed to be great out of the sand resulting in a more consistent bunker player. Only available in 54 - 60-degree models.  
  • F Grind (All-Purpose Grind for Full Wedge Shots) - Full sole with a medium camber and very little trailing edge. Designed for all swing types and a variety of course conditions.
  • K Grind (The Ultimate Bunker Club) - A large sole and increased bounce, along with wider camber, allows the golfer with a steep angle of attack to execute and control a full variety of shots in medium to soft conditions.