Titleist SM8 Vokey Black Edition St. Wedge

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Inspired by Jet Black fans Cam Smith and Jimmy Walker, the all-black returns for a limited time. Precisely engineered, multi-material progressive centre of gravity (CG) produces more consistent results – the club just wants to square up at impact. Jet Black is available in all 23 loft, bounce, and grind combinations.

The shift that will reshape your wedge game. SM8 features a centre of gravity that is pushed forward from the face, through the use of high-density tungsten, producing a more consistent, pure strike that helps you hit your target more often.

A raw wedge that has been treated with a black QPQ finish process. This wedge will rust and is for the player looking for a raw wedge that will wear with play.

Improved Progressive CG
SM8 takes the next innovative leap - pushing CG forward of the face. Maintaining the vertical, progressive centre of gravity, while improving the CG depth, allows for improved feel and stability, resulting in closer proximity to the hole.

A Grind For Every Game
The expansive mix of grinds and lofts available – including the new 54º and 56º D Grinds – offer the flexibility and versatility to cover any shot, from any lie, in any conditions. Meaning there is never a reason for a gap in your game.

Nothing Spins Like A Vokey
As each new Vokey line improves on the last, one thing remains the same: every Spin Milled groove on every wedge is inspected to ensure it delivers the quality and precision you expect. Design for maximum spin, now to even tighter tolerances.


  • F Grind - All Purpose Grind for Full Wedge Shots
  • M Grind - Multi-purpose grind for versatility
  • S Grind - Narrow & Versatile
  • D Grind - The Player's High Bounce Wedge
  • L Grind - Precision for Skilled Shotmakers
  • K Grind - The Ultimate Bunker Club