Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash 3 Ball Pack

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The new Pro V1xLeft Dash makes it's appearance for 2020, after being specifically developed for the PGA Tour, giving players a customized performance option in 2018. The Left Dash model offers an alternative performance characteristics than the famous Pro V1 and Pro V1X allowing players to specialize their flight, feels and spin. Since the Left Dash was given such positive feedback by PGA players, Titleist are now making the Pro V1X Left Dash available to all golfers through special orders.

If you you'd like a firmer feeling, lower spinning, lower flight and greater distance ball than the Pro V1X the Left Dash could be a great option for you. Initial reports are suggestion a 1,000 rpm total reduction in spin when comparing the Left Dash against the Pro V1X. 

  • Impressive distance and consistent ball flight
  • Lower full swing spin than the Pro V1x
  • Lower trajectory than Pro V1x
  • Firmer feeling than Pro V1x
  • Short game control with stop and spin.