The Golfers Club Bees Tees Wood Large Pk

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Golfers Club BEESTees

The striped tee system that puts a sting in your game. Which stripe do you drive?  The numbered striped tee system allows for consistent tee placement - every time!  Wooden style tees are suitable for the bag.

  • Wooden tees available in a choice of 3 lengths
      53mm - Short - 120 Tees
      69mm - Medium - 100 Tees
      83mm - Long - 80 Tees
  • Simple easy to see graduated markings along the length of the tees allow you to easily insert the tee into your preferred depth for a consistent tee height with each use.
  • Short - 53mm: Suitable for low profile fairway wood and irons.
    Medium - 69mm: Suitable for most 3 and 5 woods and moderate volume drivers.
    Long - 83mm: Perfect for drivers over 360cc