Odyssey Stroke LAB Black High MOI Design Putter

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It's very clear to see with the design on this putter that the high MOI levels have been achieved through putting a huge amount of weight as far away from the face as possible. Again, this is all to reduce twisting and jarring of the head and clubface if you don't strike the ball out of the middle.

I have to say that this technology does seem to work. It's simple and effective, and when combined with Stroke Lab technology, you do feel as if you're getting all the help you need on the greens.

My stroke felt a little more consistent and it eliminates any shaky feeling over shorter putts - even if this is more of a mental thing, I think it will help golfers.

I really liked the firmer feel of the Microhinge Star insert, as having been used to using a bladed putter without an insert for most of my life I prefer a firmer feel off the face, as it gives me that extra bit of feedback that I like. I felt as if I didn't have to hit the putts as hard as I may on a softer-feeling insert.

The sound was solid and sounded hard too, which again I liked. It was a very traditional sound, which was surprising for an untraditional looking putter.

Because of the Microhinges in the face, you still get the optimised roll benefits of the insert, but the firm feeling means that the putter sits nicely in the middle.