Wilson Staff Model Utility iron

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The Staff Model Utility iron was originally developed as a prototype for tour players like Gary Woodland. Due to the impressive combination of length, forgiveness, and reliability, the utilities are now also available for all golfers. The Staff Model Utility is particularly recommended for players who consciously influence their ball flight and are looking for an alternative to the tea driver.

Tested on the tour, confirmed by the tour Developed
for the demands of tour players, the clubs deliver impressive performance and reliability for golfers who expect only the best from their clubs.

Hollow body construction as a replacement for long irons
The center of gravity can be positioned much better in a hollow body construction. This enables an optimized take-off angle and results in a better flight curve with more length. At the same time, the forgiveness of the club head increases significantly due to more mass outside the center of gravity. The result is a very playable long iron.

high-strength C300 striking surface
The special C300 material ensures higher ball speeds across the entire striking surface.

Sole weighting
A 7 grams weight was attached to the underside of the sole to be positioned exactly at the center of gravity of the racket. This weight makes the racket particularly forgiving and effortlessly takes the ball into the air.