Srixon UltiSoft Ball 3-pk

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This low compression golf ball offers the ultimate in softness, feel and maximum distance performance with control. This is thanks to the Fastlayer Core, and a 338-speed dimple pattern, and a soft, thin cover. This ball is engineered for golfers who demand maximum performance with incredible feel.

Key Features:

  • FastLayer Core
  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern
  • Soft, Thin, Cover
  • Ultimate Soft Feel

FastLayer Core

The advanced core construction with mantle cover produces a higher launch, lower driver spin and faster ball speed on full shots, for maximum performance. By making the inner core softer and the outer core harder, with mantle cover to help the ball snap back into shape. Ball speed increases, launch angle is higher and driver spin is reduced for long-distance performance.

Outer Cover

To get more distance overall and better performance the ball has an aerodynamic 338-speed dimple pattern to reduce drag at launch and increased lift during descent. It also has a softer and thinner cover which provides more greenside spin and softer feel on all pitches, chips and putts.