Shot Scope Pro L1 Laser Rangefinder

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Shot Scope Pro L1 Laser Golf Rangefinder
Target Lock Vibration With Slope Technology

The Shot Scope Pro L1 is an affordable quick firing laser packed with features making it quick and easy to get your distance.

Simple to use the Pro L1 rangefinder is the perfect combination of size, accuracy, and advanced technology. Looking through the clear precision lens, press a button to switch between a Red or Black display. Pro L1 is designed so that you can see the course in all light and weather conditions.

It also comes with Adaptive Slope technology and target-lock vibration ensuring you can swing confidently with the Shot Scope Pro L1 Laser on your bag.

Red and Black Dual Optics:
The PRO L1 provides the option of a Red or Black optical display meaning the optics are clear and visible in all light and weather conditions. Press the button to toggle between Red or black when using the laser on the course. This customizable feature allows the golfer to use whatever is their personal preference.

Adaptive Slope technology:
Our advanced slope technology accurately adjusts to your distance, taking the up and down hills into account, to allow for better club selection. On PRO L1 flick the switch to turn the slope on or off.

Target-Lock Vibration:
Once you’ve locked on the target, the PRO L1 sends a short pulse vibration to give you confidence that you have locked onto your target.

Target-Lock Technology:
Shaky hands and being far away from the hole can make locking onto your target difficult. The x6 magnification and target-lock technology in the PRO L1 make it easy to lock on the target.

X6 magnification:
X6 magnification means that when looking through the PRO L1, the lens magnifies the target 6 times. For E.g. it will make a flag 150 yards away look as clear and visible as a flag only 25 yards away.

Tough, durable, and water-resistant:
Designed and built with quality materials makes the PRO L1 a durable and long-lasting laser. It is water-resistant, meaning there are no excuses on those rainy days!