Pure2Improve Pop Up Chipping Net

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Golf Chipping Net

The Pure2Improve Chipping Net is a top-quality, practical, and versatile chipping net that offers users a lot of flexibility and enjoyment!

The Golf Chipping Net is designed coloured rings giving you an aiming point with an idea of accuracy. It can be used with normal weight balls or lightweight practice balls, meaning you can practice any way you would like.

The simplistic design and durable construction of this chipping net allows you to practice for longer periods. It has a pop-up design for ease of use and comes complete with a carry bag for storing or transporting to your place of practice.

Improve your short game accuracy either indoors or outdoors with this fantastic chipping net. The net is perfect for Beginners who are looking to practice their chipping and swing technique, or for those who are looking for a convenient practicing tool and would like to find the ideal quick-time training aid.