Mizuno ST-200X Fairway M Fusion 40R FW GMW

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High launch with a draw bias.

Best for mid and lower swing speeds.

A larger footprint fairway wood with an extremely lightweight design to encourage a higher flight and draw bias – designed to work best with Mizuno's own Japanise specification MFUSION 42g shaft. The ST200X head has its own unique shape, with a larger clubface and wider body with more heel mass, all working together to encourage a distance-enhancing, high draw flight. 

The generous 3 wood boasts a full Ti driver type construction with a high ball speed Beta Rich Ti face. Whilst the 5 and 7 wood both use a steel chassis with multi-thickness Maraging face. 

Full Titanium 3 wood – Multi thickness, Forged SAT Beta 20141 Ti is incredibly responsive across the clubface and maintains performance for longer (compared to traditional 6-4 Ti).

MAS1C Maraging Face 5 and 7 wood: Allows a multi-thickness design, greater energy transfer, and faster ball speeds from across the clubface.

For mid to low swing speeds: Designed to work in tandem with Mizuno's own MFUSION 42gram graphite shaft – to increase clubhead speed and launch angle.

Wet weather score lines – Full scorelines to maintain adequate spin and ball flight in moist or wet conditions. 

Improved Stability without adding spin – Weight saved from a compacted Wave Sole and variable-thickness graphite crown has been relocated low and deep.