Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Turbo Fairway

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In the modern game, fairway woods are one of the most difficult clubs to master, with reasonably long shafts and not a huge amount of loft the strike has to be reasonably precise to get a decent result. Any fairway wood that is released that promises to be easy to hit than most certain warrants consideration when you are looking for a change in this area of your bag.

The Cleveland Launcher Turbo HB fairway has been designed specifically for the millions of mid to high handicappers that play golf rather than asking them to hit a club that has been designed for tour players to use. This club focuses on the area that most people struggle with when attempting to hit a fairway wood, launching the ball in the air. The club features a redesigned step down Hi-Bore crown which allows the mass of the club to be lowered, creating a super low centre of gravity. This makes long, high shots from the fairway far more achievable for the average player. 

Much like the Turbo HB driver, the fairway wood is not adjustable and carries a Turbo Cup face which produces excellent ball speeds even on off centre strikes.  The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo fairway looks stunning behind the ball with a shallow, aerodynamic shape that promises to send the ball far down the hole. It sits slightly closed at address which gives it somewhat of a draw bias and is perfectly suited to the golfer that slices the ball a little more than they would like. 

With the weight positioned low and back in the head, Cleveland have produced a club that has extreme perimeter weighting creating high amounts of M.O.I (resistance to twisting) at impact. The counter-balanced shaft designed by Miyazaki is weighted more towards the grip end of the club allowing the player to swing the club faster without any extra effort. It is unquestionably one of the most forgiving fairway woods available today that also produces superb distance. 

If you are a golfer that has consistently struggled to get the ball airborne when using a fairway wood from the ground, then the Cleveland Launcher Turbo HB fairway wood could be just the club you are looking for. 


  • Super Low CG placement for high launching shots 
  • Turbo Cup Face produces exceptional ball speeds 
  • Slightly closed face at address provides a draw bias 
  • Counterbalanced Miyazaki shaft produces increased club head speeds