Wilson Staff Launch Pad Hybrid

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Wilson Staff LaunchPad FY rackets feature lightweight components, moderate hosel offset, and an optimized loft-to-length ratio for easier hits, incredible feel, and impressive distance. 

The solution for slicing 
The LaunchPad FY rackets have a moderate hosel offset. Together with a weight of  13 grams in the sole of the racket, this ensures a more closed playing surface on contact and neutralizes possible fade tendencies.  

Optimized ratio of loft to length
Tests by Wilson have shown that this combination of loft and club length provides the easiest hits for players with a handicap over 10. The FY racket is currently the only racket on the market that has a length of 41 inches (104.1 cm) and a loft angle of 19.5.  

Impressively high clubhead speeds
Light components like the head, shaft, and handle make up a super light FY racket. This lightweight increases clubhead speed effortlessly and offers longer launch angles and distances.