Wilson Staff Launch Pad DEMO Driver

Wilson Staff Launch Pad DEMO Driver

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Our launch pad driver has a super light design, a moderate hosel offset and
Variable face technology for higher swing speeds, incredible distance, straighter drives and higher tee angles with every shot. 

The solution for slicing
The Launch Pad Driver was developed to solve the most frustrating problem in golf - the dreaded slice. The moderate hosel offset together with a weight of 13 grams on the heel side of the racket and the straight lie angle perfect your slice. 

Our most forgiving face so far
This innovative technology is integrated in the launch pad head and offers high ball speeds and teeing angles, no matter where the striking surface touches the ball. 

Impressively high club head speeds
The light racket components such as head, shaft and handle form a total weight of only 272 g, making the Launch Pad Driver one of the lightest rackets on the market. This particularly light weight increases the club head speed effortlessly and offers higher tee angles and distances.