HS Eyewear Iceman Sunglasses

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Iceman is a highly functional sports model, particularly well suited for golf and other activities with high visual demands with high comfort and protection. The frame is developed in a very lightweight material and has a high-contrast & HD lens.

Included in the purchase

Hard case and microfiber bag are included. It all comes in a nice consumer box.

Anti-scratch coating
Polycarbonate is a high impact-resistance material, with a hard coating applied to give you the best anti-scratch lens.

Super oleophobic coating
The permanent coating on the front of the lens that repels oil, grease, sweat, water and fingerprints.

6-base lens and 1 piece lens
More curved fit, split vision lens, covers, and protect your eyes for sun beams from side, above and under.

Nosepads and tempel grip
Slip-reducing rubber that provides a more secure fit when active, with a 3-point cap grip. 

High tech mirror coating
Mirror coating improves the visual performance. Combine that with our high-tech lens material and HD/contrast lenses, HS Performance sunglasses deliver the best in optics and visual performance.