Golf Pride Pro Only Star 81cc Putter Grip

Golf Pride Pro Only Star 81cc Putter Grip

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Golf Pride Pro Only Blue Star 81cc Golf Putter Grip
Tour Preferred Precision with Enhanced Feel

Some of the best putters on Tour demand feedback in their hands at impact for better distance and face control. The Pro Only putter grip family was designed to provide a series of shapes and size options that form the contours of a player's hands and deliver a closer connection between the hands and the putter.

The Pro Only Blue Star grip features a wide flat paddle front for thumb placement with an angled back shape for finger positioning.

Independent surveys show that, on average, regripping clubs improve scores from three to four strokes per round. Other studies reveal that golfers who play 18 holes per week should regrip their clubs once a year.

Grip Size: Standard
Weight: 74.5 Grams +/- 3.5
Core Size: 58 Round