Golf Pride Multi Compound Plus4 ALIGN Std Grip

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Upper Hand Technology

The top portion of the Multi Compound MCC Plus 4 is extremely soft, thanks to its new micro-texture, which is specifically placed to improve traction.  Its soft rubber compound and moisture-wicking cotton cord provides superb control and performance.

Lower Hand Technology

The Multi-Compound MCC Plus 4 has a 4.6% Larger outside grip diameter for increased swing speed and lighter grip pressure.  Its lower portion is made from 20% softer rubber for increased feel in the non-gloved hand.  The built-up lower portion simulates the feel of using 4 layers of tape to build up your grip.

Tour Inspired Design

Tour-inspired larger lower hand design simulates the feel of 4 extra layers of tape for lighter grip pressure and more power.  ALIGN Technology now available in this hybrid grip combines all-weather performance with consistent hand placement.