Garmin Approach Z82 GPS/Laser Range Finder

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Accurate measurement by high-performance laser and course map using GPS position information and distance to front/center / back edge of the green is displayed in the digital viewfinder. You can grasp the course layout and hazard positions, etc., and lead your rivals through play management. You can quickly scroll each hazard and layup distance in the viewfinder to see the distance to each hazard. You can also grasp hazards that cannot be seen from the current position, which can be used to assemble your play.

The wind speed and direction are displayed in the viewfinder. It can be used as a reference for selecting the number and how to hit the shot. When the pin flag is captured, the flag icon is displayed, and the color of the numbers changes from red (when not captured) to yellow (capture completed). In addition, the vibration caused by vibration will let you know the captured information in an easy-to-understand manner. The flight distance is displayed in the upper right of the viewfinder for the shot, referring to the movement distance from the position where the last shot was taken to the point where the shot was moved.

The recommended distance to hit with the height difference is displayed. It can be set to off during competition. This is an assist function that displays the direction of the pin during a blind shot. Enter your score on a distance meter and upload it to the Garmin Golf app. Cloud management is possible on the application. It is a competition use mode in which all assist functions such as height difference and pinpointer are turned off.

While the function is operating, the LED indicator on the top of the main unit lights up to inform the outside that the assist function is not used. Even if you leave the distance meter on the course, you can get the position information of the distance meter with the FIND MY GARMIN function. The built-in course map contains more than 41,000 golf courses worldwide. You can use it without any special work when playing abroad.

  • Green view
  • Laser range ARC
  • Hazard view
  • Account for wind
  • Plays like distance
  • Find the pin
  • Lock in on the flag
  • 41K+ preloaded courses
  • Tournament mode
  • Find my Garmin
  • Keep score
  • Due to lighting and monitor differences, actual colors and finishes may vary slightly from what appears online