Wilson Staff Duo Professional 3 Ball Pack

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Wilson Staff takes the urethane surface technology to a new level with a compression of 60 and combines competitive performance with the best feeling in just one golf ball. LOW 60 COMPRESSION: For incredible feel LONGER: Flies at least as far as any competitive 3-piece ball TOUR SPIN: 6% more spin-off irons

Jacket construction - Urethane
layers - No
logo option - No
ball type - No
compression - 60
COMPRESSION number of dimples - 362
pack size - 12 pack
Team name - No
Gender (localizable) - No.

Seal of approval The Wilson Staff logo on each Duo Ball is a sign of our commitment to innovation and quality Low compression of 60 For an incredible feeling Longer distance equal to or greater than a three-piece ball from competitors, comparable to Tour Spin Spin or higher than three-piece balls from competitors.