Cobra KING SpeedZone Driver

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Cobra Driver SpeedZone  

The racing zone-inspired Speedzone Driver from Cobra was developed for maximum speed. The driver was optimized with the latest technologies in six different zones for maximum performance. The result is faster, more, and also more precise drives in series.

Power Zone - CNC machined Infinity face

  • With the new Infinity face, the milled area has been enlarged by 95%, allowing a particularly large sweet spot. Thanks to the CNC milling, the face can be made particularly thin with the highest accuracy. So every driver achieves a maximum of ball speed.

Light Zone - 360 Carbon Crown

  • 50% of the surface of the SpeedZone driver is made of particularly light carbon. This saves 25 g of weight in the crown and can be advantageously positioned for additional forgiveness.

Strength Zone - T-Bar Titanium Chassis

  • In order to be able to install more carbon and save weight, the T-Bar chassis was developed. The chassis is particularly stable due to its T-shaped construction and can withstand the highest clubhead speeds.

Low CG Zone - Speedback weighting

  • The Speedback technology enables a particularly deep positioning of weight in the clubhead. In the SpeedZone Driver, thanks to weight savings in the crown, this is a total of 69 grams. The result is a particularly efficient energy transfer with a high take-off angle and little backspin.

Aero Zone - Speedback Aero Design

  • The driver's streamlined design reduces drag and allows maximum acceleration for particularly high clubhead speeds.

Stability Zone - High MOI design

  • In addition to the Speedback weighting, additional weight is positioned on the shaft (heel) and the tip (Toe). This increases the moment of inertia and even failures find the fairway more consistently.