Cobra KING Radspeed Xtreme Draw Driver

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Introducing Cobra`s highly anticipated 2021 driver, the RADSPEED. As part of the RADSPEED range, Cobra wanted to create a driver for golfers who desire maximum distance and slice-fighting power. The XD features new Radial Weighting Technology which is heel-biased (Xtreme Draw). The 460cc head utilizes heel-biased Radial Weighting to deliver straighter, draw-biased drives.

Key Features:

  • Radial Weighting (heel-biased)
  • CNC Infinity Milled Face
  • T-Bar Speed Chassis / Thin-Ply Carbon Fiber Crown
  • 1-Year Guarantee / Stock Shaft Option / Lamkin Crossline (58+) CONNECT Black Grip

Radial Weighting

This new weighting system is based on an engineering concept called Radius of Gyration. It allowed Cobra to develop the perfect blend of effortless faster ball speed and forgiveness. This is achieved by increasing the distance from the club’s centre of gravity to each weight or technology location to achieve more performance.

CNC Infinity Milled Face

Cobra Golf is the only company to use a CNC Milled Face in a driver. This unique face pattern provides more power and precision than a traditional polished face, enabling Cobra to control the face and leading-edge thickness. This delivers maximum ball speed through a thinner face and curvatures for more forgiveness on off-center ball strikes.

T-Bar Speed Chassis / Thin-Ply Carbon Fiber Crown

The RADSPEED XD 460cc driver head has a lighter T-Bar Speed Chassis and a Thin-Ply Carbon Fiber Crown. The chassis has been designed for high-speed impact and allowed Cobra engineers to use less carbon fibre in the design. The thinner crown and lighter materials used allowed engineers to save more discretionary weight to be redistributed forward to lower the centre of gravity, producing even more speed.

Cobra CONNECT Technology

Cobra CONNECT technology is incorporated into the golf grip which gives the golfer access to performance data. It provides access to GPS Rangefinder data, Tour Analytics, Smart Distance, plus access to over 40,000 international golf courses. Download the free Arccos driver smartphone app and pair your club to your phone and track your distance and accuracy of every drive.

The Cobra driver comes complete with a matching headcover.