Cleveland Golf Launcher XL 22 Driver

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The Cleveland Launcher Range continues to be an extremely popular choice for golfers to tee off with as they have always offered extremely impressive performance in both distance and forgiveness. The new Cleveland Launcher XL driver promises to stretch the performance out, even more, keeping your drives straighter, and sending them further down the fairway than ever before. 

The first thing to notice about the Cleveland Launcher XL Driver is the sheer size of it. Whilst all drivers are now bound by a maximum size of 460cc the designers are free to do with that 460cc as they choose, and the Cleveland team has done an amazing job of making the head look far bigger than the legal limit. Increasing the size of the profile has created a driver that offers the highest level of M.O.I which makes the Launcher XL the most stable driver Cleveland has ever produced. 

Cleveland has placed the CG (Centre of Gravity) low and deep inside the head which increases the amount of forgiveness this driver produces and now gives the golfer an incredible margin for error when teeing off on those long par 4’s. The Launcher XL driver also benefits from Cleveland’s new Rebound Frame which has allowed them to produce two ‘flex zones’ on the clubface. These zones alter in flexibility and rigidity and transfer more energy into the golf ball at impact ensuring that ball speed is maximised regardless of where on the face the shot was struck. 

Cleveland has been a huge proponent of counterbalancing in their golf clubs and the Launcher XL driver continues this trend with an 8-gram weight placed inside the grip, effectively reducing the swing weight of the club, and allowing for faster clubhead speeds to be produced without the need for any extra effort. The Cleveland Launcher XL Driver also benefits from an adjustable hosel which allows for fine-tuning of launch and ball flight. Loft can be altered by up to 1.5° in 0.5° increments with a total of twelve positions in total. 

If you are looking for a new driver that will inspire confidence every time you place it behind the ball, then the Cleveland Launcher XL driver may well be the driver you are searching for. It looks positively huge when placed behind the ball at address and genuinely makes you feel like you are going to hit a good shot. Should the worst still happen and you mis-hit your driver, The Launcher XL driver has once again got your back, as the level of forgiveness it offers is simply extraordinary. 


  • Confidence Inspiring Profile 
  • The XL Head Design Looks Positively Huge Behind The Ball 
  • Extremely High M.O.I 
  • Incredibly Forgiving 
  • Explosive Ball Speeds Even On Mis-Hits