Callaway Chrome Soft X Tour Low Spin Balls 3-pk

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Chrome Soft X LS is designed for max distance in a fine-tuned lower spin profile. It’s especially suited for better players who want to “bomb it” off the tee, with a tremendous combination of long-distance and a straight ball flight.

• Large SoftFast Core Increases Speed and Distance: High-speed core design is significantly larger to promote more ball speed and distance through the bag. This core also works with the mantle system to deliver high resilience and speed.
• Maximum Ball Speed and Consistent Spin From A High-Speed Dual Mantle System: This mantle system is designed for high ball speeds. The Soft Inner Mantle and a highly resilient Firm Outer Mantle work together to generate fast ball speeds off the clubface. This innovative system is specifically designed to increase total distance.
• Excellent Feel and Spin Control from A Thin Propriety Urethane Cover: Extremely durable, resilient, and thin cover material. It’s built to increase ball speed and create a low spin on full shots while maintaining high spin, low launch, and control around the green.
• Longer Distance and Consistent Trajectory From An Optimized Aero Design: Aero design reduces drag for longer overall distance. The consistent, penetrating ball flight is optimized for this ball’s lower spin characteristics.
• Come in boxes of 1 Dozen