Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track 3 Ball Pack

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Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track Golf Balls
Tour Performance With Triple Track Alignment

The new Chrome Soft is a tour ball that takes performance to another level, and Callaway has re-engineered every aspect and element in Chrome Soft for more speed off the tee, and longer distance off of every club in the bag.

The high tech, graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core maximizes compression energy, from a significantly larger inner core, to provide higher launch and lower spin. And the high-speed mantle system features a new proprietary Ionomer to create a more efficient energy transfer from the Dual SoftFast Core. This mantle is a key component to consistent speed and a penetrating ball flight, from the driver all the way to your irons.

Chrome Soft is also synonymous with great feel, which we provide from a new thinner urethane cover. The soft Tour Urethane Cover is extremely resilient and combines with the core & mantle system to achieve unparalleled feel. To complete the total performance package, Callaway has optimized the aerodynamic design for longer distance and consistently higher ball flight.

Featuring a new Triple Track on the ball, designed to improve putting accuracy. Triple Track uses Vernier Visual Acuity to improve alignment compared to a regular side stamp alignment aid. Ultimately it will help you sink more putts!