Bridgestone 2022 TOUR B XS YELLOW BALL

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The new Tour B XS golf ball is a smarter ball that reacts to the force of impact. It is designed for players with swing speeds of over 105 mph who desire additional spin, as played and developed by Tiger Woods.


  • Gradiation Core
  • Dual Dimple Pattern
  • Seamless Cover Technology

With REACTIV iQ you can now get more distance and more spin out of the same golf ball. This cover technology stays on the clubface longer at impact to provide greater initial velocity for improved distance performance. The cover also provides a softer feel and generates more spin off the face for an enhanced spin-on approach shot.

Gradiation Core
This core generates faster ball speed performance with reduced driver spin to get more straight distance off the tee.

Dual Dimples & Seamless Cover Technology
During the manufacturing process, the ball cover is created with a perfectly balanced dimple pattern. A pattern that reduces aerodynamic drag and improves ball flight trajectory, with increased roll to get every yard from your golf swing.