adidas Ultimate Leather Glove

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The moment before you begin your swing, you want everything to feel just right. Especially your grip. This all-leather adidas golf glove gives you a luxurious hand feel and a snug fit for optimal comfort every time you pick up a club.

Premium Cabretta leather offers a soft touch and a hand-hugging fit. I concepts synonymous with speed, quickness, and acceleration. Combine these attributes with the balls' streamlined shape and the inevitable change of direction through a pass or kick and the association to these Maori concepts grow stronger. Te Poro features designs associated with the moana (oceans) where the central kowhaiwhai pattern is the Mangotipi (the white pointer shark) where speed, aggression, and strength are key features. Kiri mako (Shark Skin) and Niho mako (Shark Tooth) are also patterns embedded in the design denoting grip and bite. The design also incorporates ‘Nga Hihi o te Ra – The Rays of the Sun” as they hit the face of the water and is included to encapsulate the speed of light and the age-old advice from coaches which says “No player, past, present or future can cover ground faster than the ball!”


  • A golf glove for comfort and grip
  • 100% premium Cabretta leather
  • Hand-hugging feel
  • Hook-and-loop closure

Colour:   White
Product:  GK2957